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I will give thanks to the Lord of glory


Psalm 107

I will give thanks to the Lord of glory.

Tell the enduring love of heaven's King.

Listen as I tell redemption's story.

The goodness of my Saviour I will sing.

In a wasted city full of rubble

He found me hungry, thirsty, needing dress.

I cried out to him in all my trouble,

He delivered me from my distress.

Let us give thanks to the Lord above

For all that he has done.

His mighty deeds, enduring love

Poured out through Christ his son.

As a prisoner in darkness sitting,

A rebel fighting against God Most High.

There the bitterness was unremitting

Until in mercy Jesus heard my cry.

I will sing about his love unfailing,

He broke the bars and chains that held me tight,

And the darkness fell away, unveiling

The presence of the Saviour's piercing light

Let us give thanks to the Lord above

Some went out in ships upon the ocean.

They saw his power in the rising waves.

Terrified amid the storm's commotion,

They called for mercy from the God who saves.

By his grace and love the weak he raises,

The afflicted out of all their pain.

Let the upright see and sing his praises

Let the wise ones heed his words again.

James Hughes (April / August 2017)

Metre: Irregular

Tune: ‘Big Ethan’ by James Hughes

Music Score

Psalm 107.MID