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In the depths of night


In the depths of night, a manger

Holds the Saviour of our race.

Almighty - exposed to danger.

All-present - confined to space.

God, who knows our quiet reflection,

Now must learn to talk again

He who lived in heaven's perfection

Walks on earth with fallen men.

Earth in quiet darkness sleeping,

Blind to scenes of heavenly light.

Shepherds, who their flock are keeping,

They alone witness the sight.

To their ears alone the story

Of the new born King is told.

Praises to the God of glory

Warm their hearts on night so cold.

God still calls to those in blindness.

Come and see this glorious King.

Through the Spirit's lovingkindness

Mouths, once dumb, his praises sing.

Join the shepherds as they gather,

See the child sent from above.

Lift your voice to God the Father,

Thank him for his grace and love.

James Hughes (December 2016)


Tune: Bethany  

Music Score

In the depths of night.MID