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From depths of my depression

From depths of my depression

And grief that knows no end.

I offer this confession

To You, my dearest friend.

You reign in sovereign glory,

I know this to be true.

So even though You slay me

I still will trust in You.

The blessings poured upon me

I have enjoyed for years:

In Christ, a precious mercy

That answered all my fears.

Spouse, children, work, possessions

Have all by You been giv'n.

A rest from all oppressions

Awaits with You in Heav'n.

In view of all these treasures

You placed into my hands,

I will not cling to pleasures

Removed by sovereign plans.

My life will not be centred

On things I did not earn.

Naked, this world I entered

And naked shall return.

I do not ask for healing

Or recompense for loss,

But that, through trials revealing

Christ's mercy in the cross,

I may in zealous duty

A faithful servant be,

Then gaze upon Your beauty

Through all eternity.

James Hughes (May 2016)

Metre: D

Tunes - Aurelia -Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810 - 1876) and Rutherford - Chrétien Urhan (1790 - 1845)


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