Making Melody Terms of use | Copyright Notice “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord;” - Ephesians 5:19

What is Making Melody?

The reason behind the creation of this site

For my hymns the plan is eventually for each hymn to have the words, a MIDI file which will have an introduction (in most cases) and all the verses consecutively and hopefully a music score as well. I may add some background behind the hymns if people are interested.

For other hymns I will have to look into the copyright laws, but the aim will be to provide a MIDI file for popular hymns played by myself. If you have any specific hymn requests please contact me at

I have included instructions for using MIDI files - if you have a digital piano with ability to save files, even if it has an old style disc drive, you should be able to load up these onto it. Otherwise they will play on most laptops / tablets or phones (although you may need an app for mobile devices.)

I hope this resource will be useful. Please contact me if you have any suggestions / questions or anything else at I suspect there are lots of grammatical errors and anyone who wants to go through and correct these is welcome to and I will add their names to the thanks on the “Other Info” page.

Some of the hymns may sound quite dated. My background growing up is with older style hymns and the KJV bible so most of my quoting scripture would be in that version and it is likely to have spilled over into my writing. I have always gone through trying to “modernise”  the language where possible but hopefully, regardless of the style, the truths contained will still stir the heart to worship. I have attempted to write some hymns in a more modern style, (both words and music,) and have had to fight my natural urge to use strict metre and rhyme!

Some of the MIDI files may fit other hymns and I have no objection to at all to these files being used to accompany hymns for which they were not created. Be aware that there may be volume / style emphasis in the playing to fit the hymns on the site which may not suit all hymns. It will be better to ask me to create a new file. Also, if you would like an alternative tune to any of the hymns please contact and I will try to locate, play and upload the relevant MIDI file, subject to copyright laws.

Making Melody has been set up primarily to serve Christian church communities where there is no musician to assist in the worship of God.

In my experience of visiting churches, particularly in rural places such as the Gower peninsular, or on holiday in places like Wexford in Ireland, I have found the congregation to be reliant on recordings played via specialist devices or computers. Some of these are simply digital playing of MIDI files so the primary purpose of this site is to provide hymns with recorded music that are free to use for any congregation.

A secondary purpose of this site is linked to the first in that the easiest way to ensure that the material is free to distribute and use is to write it myself! So a major part of this site will be hymns I have written / co-written and for which I own the copyright.