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This Changes Everything

They come looking as the dawn breaks on a night of deep despair,

Bringing spices for their master, but the body isn't there.

Angels ask them why they're looking for the living with the dead.

“He's not here, the Lord has risen, now remember what he said.”

This changes everything!

We have a risen King!

In his death He clears our sin.

We are raised to life with Him.

This changes everything!

My heart will always sing

Of my Jesus, who has saved me through His love.

As the women tell their story, the disciples are amazed.

But although the words seem nonsense, one man has to see the grave.

And I share his sense of failure and the hope within his heart,

Because if the Lord has risen, we can make a brand new start.

This changes everything......

Two are walking to Emmaus, and they still don't understand.

Then the Lord draws near and shows them, from the bible, it was planned.

And I've shared that burning heart, as Jesus opens eyes to see

That it's true, the Lord has risen, bringing life for you and me.

This changes everything.....

James Hughes (March 2016)

Metre: with chorus or (no chorus)

Tune: Everything Changes (James Hughes)

Thanks to Eric Pearce who has pointed out that this could be sung (verses only) to Austria (!



This changes everything.MIDThis changes everything 1.mp3