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Why do the nations rage

Why do the nations rage and plot in vain

Against the Lord, and His anointed One?

"Let us throw off His shackles, break the chain."

Blind to the freedom that through Christ is won.

The One enthroned in heaven laughs in scorn.

Hear, in His anger, what He has to say.

"My Son will see your kingdoms, ripped and torn.

Dashed by an iron rod, like hardened clay."

"I have installed my King on Zion's hill."

There for a guilty world the Saviour dies.

His church He will from every nation fill.

Ends of the earth will be this victor's prize.

Hear now the warning, rulers of this earth.

Bow down in fear, your rightful King to serve.

Come, kiss the Son, take refuge in new birth,

Or wait the righteous judgement you deserve.

James Hughes (March 2016)


Tune: Huntingdon - S Wellens

I have no other data on this author and whether the tune is free from copyright but please advise if anyone knows it is not and I will replace.


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