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I didn’t know that God was real

I didn't know that God was real.

I was walking aimlessly, living out my life.

No sense of purpose, just go with what I feel.

Like other people, fell in love, became a wife.

But the family that I've joined are not like me.

They see order in the chaos, they've got something that I lack.

And my husband's mother's standing firm in every tragedy.

Now I know her faith is real and I'm never going back.

So where you stay I will stay

And where you go I will go.

Your life of faith has been the way

That your God is the God I've come to know.

In my new life I might face poverty,

But the riches that I've gained are more than worth the cost.

And I can rest assured through all uncertainty,

I trust the hand that found me when I was lost.

I don't know why I found favour in His eyes.

Once an alien to grace, now in the homeland of the King.

And while I wait on Him He all my needs supplies

As I take refuge in the God of Israel, underneath His wing.

James Hughes (February 2016)

Metre: Irregular

Tune: Ruth - James Hughes

Please note this file is just a single verse and chorus with no introduction - if people do want to sing this congregationally please let me know and I will create a full file.


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