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The earth belongs to God alone

Psalm 24

The earth belongs to God alone.

He founded it upon the seas.

He rules all people from His throne,

They live His sovereign will to please.

Who then can dare before Him stand?

Who can approach His Holy place?

The ones with no stain on their hand.

The pure in heart may see His face.

Does that mean all for me is lost?

I cannot hope to pass the test.

Is there a man to bear the cost?

That through His work I might be blessed.

Lift up the everlasting doors.

The King of Glory enters in.

Eternal hope can now be yours.

For Christ has triumphed over sin.

I say again, lift up those gates!

Raise high the name of our great King.

Jesus, our worship now awaits.

Join with me then, His praise to sing.

James Hughes (December 2015)

Metre: LM

Tune: Niagara - Robert Jackson (1840 - 1914)

Also - modern tune by Roanna Howard. Roanna's tune has a bridge section for verse 3 that is different to the others and ties nicely with the words.


Music Score

The Earth Belongs To God.MIDRoanna 2.MID