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Why, Lord, do you stand far away?

Psalm 10

Why, Lord, do You stand far away?

Why in times of trouble do You hide?

As we look at the scenes of destruction here today

And we weep for the people who have died.

Rise up Lord, lift Your hand.

Pour Your mercy on the land.

Listen to the afflicted, hear their cry.

You are King over all

And we know You hear our call.

Reign in peace and justice from on high.

We watch the wicked hunt the weak.

People ambushed, murdered where they stand.

Arrogantly, men sneer at the havoc that they wreak,

While the innocent lie crushed through the land.

In Your world, do you hear the cries?

We long for a life from terror free,

But the mouths of the wicked breathe out threats and lies

And they laugh at a God they think can't see.

James Hughes (November 2015)

Metre: Irregular

Tune: Poppy by James Hughes


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