Making Melody Terms of use | Copyright Notice “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord;” - Ephesians 5:19

Praise the God of all creation

Lift His Holy Name on high.

He, who laid the earth's foundation,

With a breath unrolled the sky.

Reverent, hear His voice of thunder.

Gaze in awe at all His powers.

Then give thanks in glorious wonder

That this mighty God is ours!

Marvel at this thought outrageous:

God as Father we can claim!

He will graciously accept us

When we come in Jesus Name.

Drawing near within the Spirit

Through the cross of Christ the Son.

Praise a love that knows no limit!

Through that death our life is won.

Grateful, Lord, to You forever

For this gospel that we heard.

Hear us as we pray together

For the servants of Your Word.

Stengthen them when weak and tired,

Helpless, fragile, burdened men.

With Your Word and love inspired,

Bring them fresh to us again.

Guides to keep our souls from falling,

Sharing in our joys and tears.

May we honour their high calling

As they serve us through the years.

'Til that day no more are needed

Preachers to exalt the King.

God we'll see in glory seated,

His eternal praises sing.

James Hughes (September 2015)


Tune: In Memoriam - Caradog Roberts (1878-1935)

Praise the God of all creation


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